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Our Story

After retiring from software development and spending half of my life as a hobbyist, I became very serious about sports photography in 2016. I wanted to capture those crispy action shots; the kind with incredible detail.  After spending hundreds of hours on the pitch and capturing thousands of action photos, I decided to give portrait photography a go.  I discovered how much I love working with studio lights and creating photographs that pop! That's when our studio was born and my husband, Jeff (aka el Hefe), became "the light guy".  A couple years later we changed our name to Kim Took Them, I became a Certified Professional Photographer, working towards my Master; and, Jeff is still "the light guy".  

- Kim & Jeff



The Photographer & Editor

I love working with people and creating photographs that come to life in print.  When we are working together I love bringing my clients along for the ride, I love showing them how amazing they are during our session.  And, when people see their final photographs and they say "Wow! I love it!" that brings me great joy.

Jeff "el Hefe"

The Light Guy

A Lead iOS Developer by day, and "the light guy" during our shoot, Jeff is the key difference in our photography.  He does more than hold the light, he tends to the key details on set - cell phones in pockets, pet hair/wrinkles on clothes, shirt tails, collars, etc.  When you have someone, like Jeff, who can hold a studio flash with a modifier on a boom stick AND manage all the set details - it makes a world of difference during the shoot and in the final photographs.

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